Susan Napier: Romana 463. (Varázslatos Provence)
e-Könyv Romana 463. (Varázslatos Provence)

Vinton kiadó kft., 2016

Párizsban Veronica megismerkedik egy jóképű, francia férfival, és még aznap szenvedélyes éjszakát tölt el vele. Reggel titokban elhagyja ...

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Napier, Susan: Miyazakiworld
Napier, Susan

Yale University Press, 2020

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Susan Napier: Love in the Valley
idegen Love in the Valley

Tiny Julia Fry literally bumped into Hugh Walton at their first meeting - and she collided with that monolith with alarming regularity fr...

Susan Napier: The Revenge Affair
idegen The Revenge Affair

Joshua Wade was convinced that Regan was plotting to disrupt his wedding. Why else would she have agreed to organise the big day - when s...

Susan Napier: Accidental Mistress
idegen Accidental Mistress

The things she had to do to save her family business! Emily Quest had dressed to the nines and gone to an awful party, where she'd been r...

Susan Napier: Love in the Valley
idegen Love in the Valley

Was he simply incapable of love? Top New Zealand lawyer Hugh Walton was one of the coldest men Julia had ever met. She was prepared to ...

Susan Napier: A Passionate Proposition
idegen A Passionate Proposition

Scott Tyler might want a red-hot affair with Anya Adams--but that doesn't mean he likes her. On the contrary, he's managed to get her sus...

Susan Napier: The Sister Swap
idegen The Sister Swap

Anne: it was a daring deception, but she always put her family first. Her sister desperately needed some time alone and Anne would at lea...

Susan Napier: Arany Júlia 1995/1.(január)-Lelkedbe látok
antikvár Arany Júlia 1995/1.(január)-Lelkedbe látok

Diana Antikvárium

jó állapotú antikvár könyv


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Charlotte Maclay, Susan Napier, Patricia Knoll: Romana különszám 1999/5. (Fürkésző szempár + A névtelen rajongó + Társas vállalkozás)
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Napier, Susan: Transporters as Targets for Drugs
Napier, Susan
Transporters as Targets for Drugs

Springer Berlin, 2009

Transporters are proteins that span the plasma membrane and regulate the traf?c of small molecules in and out of the cell. They play a pa...

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