Sandra Field: Romana 520. (Velence halovány fényben)
e-Könyv Romana 520. (Velence halovány fényben)

Vinton Kiadó Kft., 2016

Nagyon nehéz gyerekkora volt Tessnek, de végre békességben él a saját kis házában, és a helybeli könyvtárban dolgozik. Nyugodt élete a fe...

8.39 RON
Penny Jordan; Sandra Field; Sarah Morgan: Jet-Set Summer Affairs
idegen Jet-Set Summer Affairs

Three decadent, glamorous romances with three seriously sexy alpha males provide the perfect summer escape! Surrendering to a smouldering...


"It must be embarrassingly clear to everyone that you and I can't stand the sight of each other." Kathrin Selby had found peace and inde...

Sandra Field: The Millionaire's Pregnant Wife
idegen The Millionaire's Pregnant Wife

After years taking care of her younger brothers, Kelsey North now has her freedom - and she plans to enjoy it! So when millionaire busine...

Sandra Field: The Land of Maybe
idegen The Land of Maybe

Marya Hansen had once been in love The whole unhappy episode had made her decide she should never let herself get involved again. No mat...

Sandra Field: Ring Of Gold (Harlequin Presents)
idegen Ring Of Gold (Harlequin Presents)

When a friend forced her to take a much-needed break from the pressures of her job, Paige Montgomery had her own plans. Top of the list w...

Sandra Field: An Ideal Match
idegen An Ideal Match

"Don't fall in love with me, Jenny." Graham Tyson's warning came far too late. In the small university town in Nova Scotia, where she ...

Sandra Field: Surrender to Marriage
idegen Surrender to Marriage

Jake Reilly, famous international enterpreneteur, has returned, and the beautiful but fiery Shaine O'Sullivan is at a loss as to where sh...

Sara Craven, Sandra Field, Jacqueline Diamond: Nyári Arany Júlia-Különszám: Tüzes szempár/ Ne félj a széltől!/ Bűvölet
27.43 RON
Sandra Field: Love in a Mist
idegen Love in a Mist

"Cut loose! Have an affair." A disastrous marriage had made Sally reclusive and fearful of men. She knew the advice was right, though--i...

Sandra Field: The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress
idegen The Billionaire's Virgin Mistress

Ruthless and rich, Cade Lorimer is assigned a very special task by his adoptive father - find his granddaughter! Cade expects her to be a...

Sandra Field: The English Aristocrat's Bride
idegen The English Aristocrat's Bride

The English aristocrat... Rafe Holden is in need of a bride - one who will help him settle an old score by agreeing to an arranged, love...

Sandra Field: The Jet-Set Seduction
idegen The Jet-Set Seduction

From the moment Slade Carruthers first lays eyes on the beautiful Clea Chardin he knows he has to have her. But Clea has a reputation, an...

Sandra Field: The Right Man
idegen The Right Man

Love at first sight? Surely not...

Sandra Field: Taken by Storm
idegen Taken by Storm

Money can do anything, Liane. Money can do anything at all.... And Liane believed it. Because she was a rich man's daughter and she knew ...

Sandra Field: His one-Night Mistress
idegen His one-Night Mistress

Lia knew that billionaire businassman Seth had the power to destroy her glittering career. But he was so powerful and attractive Lia succ...

Sandra Field, Amanda Carpenter, Anne McAllister, Emma Goldrick, Sara Wood, Leigh Michaels: Romana - Új fellobbanás - Kusza viszonyok - Mississippi Miss - Pezsgő vagy szóda? - Kalandok kora - Félrelépés
27.43 RON
Trisha David; Betty Jane Sanders; Sandra Field: A Júlia legszebb történetei 19. - Egyedülálló apa megosztaná (Égből pottyant család + Az esküvő csak a kezdet + A lélek sugallata)
26.19 RON