Gill Sanderson: Szívhang 440. (Egyszer révbe érünk)
e-Könyv Szívhang 440. (Egyszer révbe érünk)

Vinton Kiadó Kft., 2016

Senki sem hagyhatja el a fedélzetet, nehogy a vírus a szárazföldön is elterjedjen! – adja ki a szigorú utasítást Edward Roberts doktor. S...

8.13 RON
Sanderson, Helen - Bailey, Gill: Praxishandbuch person-zentrierte Pflege
Sanderson, Helen - Bailey, Gill
Praxishandbuch person-zentrierte Pflege

Hogrefe AG, 2015

Personalisierung beruht auf personzentrierter Pflege und konzentriert sich auf die Frage, wie man Menschen mit Demenz in Dingen, die ihr ...

167.77 RON 159.39 RON
Gill Sanderson: Their Miracle Child
idegen Their Miracle Child

Alanna Ward had to leave. Unable to cope with the loss of her child, she fled the Lake District, her nursing job at Rosewood Cottage Hosp...

Gill Sanderson: A Nurse Worth Waiting For
idegen A Nurse Worth Waiting For

Six years ago, apprentice nurse Jan was wildly in love with Chris, newly qualified doctor. Until Chris was caught up in a mountain accide...

Gill Sanderson: Tell Me You Love Me
idegen Tell Me You Love Me

John Cameron is a loner. Traveling the world as a professional diver, he has no ties or responsibilities - and, for reasons of his own, h...

Gill Sanderson: A Doctor's Courage
idegen A Doctor's Courage

A man like no other The new GP in her country practice is quite unlike any man District Nurse Nikki Gale has met before. Dr Tom Murray lo...