Elizabeth Oldfield: Dream hero
antikvár Dream hero

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Harlequin, 1983

Television star Bryce Cameron had deliberately misled Caitlin and,because she was a novice reporter,the pretense had almost cost her care...

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Elizabeth Oldfield: His Sleeping Partner
idegen His Sleeping Partner

In the heat of the night... Ellen had come to Rio looking for adventure, and she'd found it! Jader de Sa Moreira was very much a Latin l...

Elizabeth Oldfield: The Bedroom Incident
idegen The Bedroom Incident

DO NOT Disturb Incident #1—the deception Kristin Blake is horrified when she realizes that her potential new boss, Matthew Lingard, i...

Elizabeth Oldfield: Reluctant Father!
idegen Reluctant Father!

he father of her child... So what was Gifford doing here in the Seychelles? Was he really arrogant enough just to walk back into Cass'...

Elizabeth Oldfield, Edwina Shore, Clare Richmond: Tiffany 24. kötet
antikvár Tiffany 24. kötet

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Harlequin, 2010

1. Nem miattad, érted, 2. Próbáljuk meg újra ! 3. Hallgass a szívedre !

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