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Claffey, Bree - Bamford, Lauren: Indoor Green
Claffey, Bree - Bamford, Lauren
Indoor Green

Thames & Hudson, 2017

The Victorians suffered from 'fern madness'; the 1970s was the age of the macramé plant hanger; the Japanese believe that where there are...

129.72 RON 123.23 RON
Bailey, Fran - Allaway, Zia: RHS Practical House Plant Book
Bailey, Fran - Allaway, Zia
RHS Practical House Plant Book

Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 2018

Step-by-step projects for your home and conservatory. Includes 175 plant profiles to help you create the perfect indoor jungle.

101.53 RON 96.45 RON
Palmer, Isabelle: The Balcony Gardener
Palmer, Isabelle
The Balcony Gardener

Ryland Peters, 2018

Jam-packed with creative ideas to help brighten up your balcony, roof terrace or window sill.

89.93 RON 85.43 RON