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The commentaries of the Emperor Marcus Antoninus. Containing his maxims of science, and rules of life. ... Translated from the original in Greek, by James Thomson, Gent. With a short preface by the translator, ...

Marcus Aurelius, Emperor Of Rome

Gale ECCO, Print Editions, 2010

angol・252 oldal・papír / puha kötés
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  • angol
  • 252 oldal
  • Kötés: papír / puha kötés
  • ISBN: 114077526X

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Crowley, Aleister: The Book of the Law
idegen The Book of the Law
Crowley, Aleister

The Book of the Law, the holy text that forms the basis of Thelema, was transmitted to Crowley by the entity known as Aiwass in Cairo, on three successive days during April 1904. Acting as a medium...

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