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Manson, Mark: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck
Manson, Mark
The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck

Harper Collins Publ. USA, 2016

#1 International Bestseller and #1 New York Times Bestseller Over 2 million copies sold In this generation-defining self-help guide, a su...

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Jordan B. Peterson: 12 Rules for Life
idegen 12 Rules for Life

Penguin Books, 2019

How should we live properly in a world of chaos and uncertainty? Jordan Peterson has helped millions of people, young and old, men and...

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Wiking, Meik: The Little Book of Hygge
Wiking, Meik
The Little Book of Hygge

Penguin Books Ltd (UK), 2016

Meik Wiking founded the world's first Happiness Research Institute in 2013, in Copenhagen, Denmark and is a New York Times and Sunday Tim...

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Erikson, Thomas: Surrounded by Idiots
Erikson, Thomas
Surrounded by Idiots

Macmillan USA, 2019

A runaway bestseller in Sweden that has sold more than a million copies worldwide, Surrounded by Idiots shares a groundbreaking new metho...

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Musk, Maye: A Woman Makes a Plan
Musk, Maye
A Woman Makes a Plan

Penguin LCC US, 2019

"Warm, honest and true--A Woman Makes A Plan is full of insight as well as a good dose of humor, offering readers a lifetime of hard-won ...

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Loyd, Alexander: The Healing Code
Loyd, Alexander
The Healing Code

Hachette Book Group USA, 2013

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Ehhez a termékhez egyelőre nincs kép az adatbázisunkban.
Shetty, Jay
Think Like a Monk

Simon + Schuster Inc., 2020

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Eger, Edith: The Gift
Eger, Edith
The Gift

Random House UK Ltd, 2020

'I will be forever changed by Dr Eger's story' OPRAHThis practical and inspirational guide to healing from the bestselling author of The ...

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Forsythia, Shelby: Your Grief, Your Way
Forsythia, Shelby
Your Grief, Your Way

Random House LCC US, 2020

Comforting words and practical ideas for living with loss. Everyone experiences grief differently after the loss of a loved one. Some peo...

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Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich
idegen Think and Grow Rich

Vermillon, 2019

Think and Grow Rich reveals the secrets that can bring you fortune. By suppressing negative thoughts and keeping your focus on the long t...

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Susan Jeffers: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
idegen Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway


The phenomenal classic on moving from a place of paralysis, pain and indecision to one of energy, enthusiasm and action Whatever your ...

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Shetty, Jay: Think Like a Monk
Shetty, Jay
Think Like a Monk

Harper Collins Publ. UK, 2020

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Greene, Robert: The Laws Of Human Nature
Greene, Robert
The Laws Of Human Nature

Profile Books, 2018

WINNER OF THE INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BOOK AWARD 2019Robert Greene is a master guide for millions of readers, distilling ancient wisdom an...

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De Maigret, Caroline - Mas, Sophie: Older, but Better, but Older
De Maigret, Caroline - Mas, Sophie
Older, but Better, but Older

Random House LCC US, 2019

From the bestselling authors of How to be Parisian, what smart, savvy, fabulous French women think, feel and advise as they hit forty on ...

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